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U-Haul Military Discount
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Discount Type: 1 Month Free Storage
Description: U-Haul offers a 1 month of free storage for our customers moving one way.  This offer can be used before or after your move, but it cannot be applied toward existing storage.  To locate a participating U-Haul Storage facility, please click on the following link:  The locations that are participating in the 1 month free storage offer are marked with a green tag that states "1 month free".
Notes: U-haul offers a wide fleet of vehicle and trailers to help you move.  Locations are located at many locations around the United States.
* Always check with the business to ensure they are still offering a Military Discount. Businesses may change or discontinue their Military Discount Program at any time without notice.  Not all locations in major chains may offer a Military Discount when it is not a company-wide policy. Just because a discount is mentioned here does not require the business to honor the discount. Always ask politely and remain professional when asking businesses if they offer a Military Discount. You are not entitled to a Military Discount, it is something that businesses voluntarily offer.
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Added Jan 12, 2011 Updated Jan 16, 2011
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